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Did you choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner?

  • 2021-09-10

Did you choose the right industrial vacuum cleaner?

vacuum cleaner for floor cleaning

when we choose a vacuum cleaner, we must choose a good one, especially when we use industrial vacuum cleaners in factories, we need to pay attention to:

Specification model
According to the specific situation and the site of its own application, it is necessary to do a good job in the selection of specifications and models. For example, the adsorption capacity, specifications, working voltage, and output power of industrial vacuum cleaners must be mastered, and they must also listen to the detailed introduction of the manufacturer to select the suitable product.

Actual operation
The actual operation flexibility is the idea of choosing a vacuum cleaner. It is too inconvenient to endanger the work efficiency during the operation process, and it is not easy for the actual operation to fail to achieve the specific actual effect. Therefore, the actual operation of the finished product must be distinguished.

Ability to work
The pros and cons of the filtering capacity are the key main parameters to distinguish the vacuum cleaner. Generally, the higher the filtering capacity of the equipment, the price is very high, and the better the features, the better the choice.

Vacuum cleaners can be divided into household vacuum cleaners, commercial vacuum cleaners and industrial vacuum cleaners. There are quite big differences among the three. When purchasing, you should choose the suitable vacuum cleaner according to your specific main purpose.

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